It seems like 25 years went by in a flash! As I reflect, I have vivid memories of the beginning – the inspiration that came from reading the book ‘Built to Last,’ the events and efforts that led to the setting up of the company, winning our first project order, and so on. There have been many delightful surprises in Soliton, and these gave me and my colleagues a lot of energy and motivation to continue to grow and strengthen what was working. And then there were also some early experiences that surprised, informed, and educated me. These early lessons, and ones that came thereafter, have stayed with me and have helped Soliton successfully navigate the good and challenging times.

A lot happened over the period of 25 years, and while my mind is racing toward what is next, we decided that 25 years is an important milestone at which to pause, reflect, and share our story. This is first and foremost to remind ourselves about how we got here, relive experiences that will fill us with pride and energize us for the future, and remember the lessons that our experiences taught us. Second, we want to tell the world who we are through our story. We hope that this will draw to us more team members, customers, and partners who will find working with Soliton a mutually rewarding experience and help us increase our positive impact manyfold over the next 25 years.

In this microsite we have shared a short video and an impact report that tell our story. Our success over these years is the result of (1) numerous Solitons giving their hearts and minds to ensure that we delivered value to each other and our customers while living true to our core values of respect, integrity, excellence, and innovation, and (2) our beloved customers trusting us with their precious time, energy, and money which gave us the opportunity to deliver value to them and enabled us to experience the immense satisfaction of delighting them in the process. I want to thank each one of you from the bottom of my heart. Over the course of this year, I will be writing articles that highlight the role that each of the key people and customers played in bringing Soliton to our 25th anniversary as a thriving company raring to do much more. We will also be uploading a lot of photos and other memorabilia.  

I encourage you to explore this microsite to either relive the inspiring experiences that you were a part of or to understand who Soliton is and see if we are the people you would like to work with in the future. If yes, we invite you to join us in realizing our vision of enabling “every engineer to work to their heart’s content and move humanity forward”.

Ganesh Devaraj 


Soliton Technologies